Fashion in Ireland The calvin klein sunglasses are very famous because of their different style, shapes and designs. They first started with the clothing then continued with the other branded accessories like watches, boots, shoes, sun glasses etc… The sunglasses have quality frames with highly durable texture. The calvin klein perfume are known for its high fragrance so it can be used for any kind of mood. Some of the popular calvin klein perfume varieties are Gucci, Cuba, Prada etc… Sweaters are very common in Fashion Ireland they are highly stitched in hand with more than 100,000 stitches they are made up of the high quality fabric materials and they are also known as the fishing sweater. They are comfortable to wear and most suited for the Ireland climate. The next famous item is the Irish jewelry made up of the precious stones, metals etc… There is a misconception that the clothes have a stereotyped look but it’s the imagination. All the clothing is made up of wool and other fabrics that provide comfort for all kind of weather conditions. You can choose the appropriate accessories to make a full suite of the Irish clothing. The knitwear is used for all types of occasions along with the caps and the Rugby shirt. You can purchase all the items online through the best shopping website. The Irish hand knit scarf made up of handloom is very popular for both men and women. They are light weight, with variety of styles and colors.